I’m Angela Maria Prevosti, and I was born in Holland in 1991 and raised in Spain. I grew up in an artistic environment, my mother being a sculptor, which inspired me to explore my own creativity. During childhood, together with my sister, I loved playing with colors and making clay sculptures all day.

I used to work mainly in watercolours, until I found my love for Riso, now I work in both techniques. My artwork intends to have a magical quality; imaginative, and tender, full of detail and color. Folktale characters and legends are a big inspiration for me, as they allow me to speak in a language in which taboos can be gently broken.
Nowadays, I am a freelancer Illustrator based in Amsterdam and teach creative workshops for adults at the Paper Brush Studio, a company I started together with Aafke Mertens. We also organize the Open Draw Amsterdam, a big monthly event where creative people can meet and draw together.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my partner Daan, riding my bike, singing and working out, but mostly you can find me in a quiet corner sketching.


Feel free to contact me for any questions, comments or commissions.

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